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Spring break is so over :(

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Apr. 25th, 2011 | 11:22 pm
mood: accomplished
music: White Lies

I hate when I come back home from being away, and start feeling so anxious about my life going back to normal. I'm scared of the same old things, of this monotony.

I had amazing holidays at the seaside. And now I'm back to the same old people, same old things that I do over and over again. But I guess that's life. We have to deal with everything, good, bad, boring, exciting...

I've always lived with a tendency to appreciate the little things in life.
According to that, during my boring 6-hour-car-drive I've discovered that White Lies are an amazing band. I just adore their music, songs, lyrics, the emotion brought in the vocals and guitars and everything. Amazing!
I'm so happy I discovered them :D
Yeah, I really am.
And, that Harry McVeigh is such a hottie! Seriously, he's so awesome, he's everything I want in a guy.
A lot of people say he's totally random, but that's definitely not random where I live, just saying.

P.S. Actually, Andrew Garfield is all I wanted in a guy :)

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