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Hello beautiful world

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Mar. 1st, 2014 | 10:39 am

I'm really excited to continue writing this journal again. I can't say I missed it, because I didn't really remember I have ever owned it and wrote about my life here. I absolutely forgot about it over the time and thight schedule. But now that I redescovered it yesterday, I'm pretty sure something good will come out of it. The fact that I found my long lost blog didn't happen by accident. I like to believe that, at least. I guess there is a reason that happened. There is a reason why I couldn't sleep at night lately, I've been stressed, found out I didn't have real friends in my life. I was delusional about the people I thought were my friends. I guess everyone is just so selfish. But that's another story I'll be updating my blog with.
I'm really excited to restart this journal again, and hope I'll find some friends here.
But if I don't, writing for myself is nice too (no, it really isn't, but oh well).


Miss Nowhere

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