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You say you love me, I blush.

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Dec. 5th, 2010 | 03:12 am
mood: crappycrappy
music: Landon Liboiron

Sometimes I want to be someone other than me. Sometimes I want to be noticed by someone I don't even like. Sometimes I want to think that I was born on the other side of the world. That I can get what I want and live the way I want. That I can feel love. That I can feel tears down my face, cause pain teaches. I want to hear your words. I want to see your lips moving and your eyes closing. I want you to hold my hand and feel your skin. Give me the piece of your precious energy that is bursting in you. Give me your attention. Look at me! Let your eyes meet mine and send unspoken words until we go blind. Smile at me. Make my heart explode. Control your lips, make them touch mine in front of everyone in the world. Close your eyes to everything you hate on me. Run your fingers trough the guitar and never stop. Cause that's the way my mind wants to remember you.

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